Allowed Depletion Changes All Zones on "As Needed"

I have a zone that may need a little extra water than the other zones. I tweaked the Allowed Depletion slider to give the zone a little more water, and I checked the “As Needed” plan to see how it changed.

It increased how often the sprinklers run, but for ALL ZONES. Why, if I tweak a specific zone to need more water, would it run all of the zones more often. This is a problem because other zones have shade, or slope, or completely different characteristics and will not need to be watered the same.

Are you telling me that I have to now create another “As Needed” just for the specific zone in question, or is there a way to increase the frequency of one zone at a time?

Thanks for trying out the new As Needed schedules!

The easiest way to change the duration of a zone is in the schedule itself. If you edit a schedule, there is a section for durations, and you can either increase the entire schedule, or individual zones.

However, increasing the Allowed Depletion in a specific zone shouldn’t change duration for all zones in a given schedule. @franz, does this sound right to you?

Are you looking to modify duration or frequency?


It doesn’t change the duration, it changed the frequency. So for example before I changed the depletion, it had all zones scheduled roughly every 6-7 days. After I changed the allowed depletion, it had all zones running every 3 days or so.

@CH-Johnson, this is expected behavior because As-Needed schedules will determine the interval based on the zone with the most sensitive watering needs. You might need to remove this zone and create a new schedule for it if it’s affecting other zones in a manner you didn’t intend for.