Allow swiping to change weeks in Moisture Levels charts

I’m sure this isn’t a high-priority issue, but it would be nice to be able to go forward and backward weeks in the Moisture Level graphs with left and right swipes. I’m using iOS, but assume it works the same on Android.

On a mobile screen where I know there is content on the left and right, I naturally try to swipe the screen to get to it. Nothing happens on the Moisture Levels charts when I do that :slight_smile:

The left and right buttons at the top of the scrrrn work fine, but in this day and age of larger phone screens, those buttons are hard to reach one-handed. A left/right screen swipe would be perfect and intuitive.

You guys are doing awesome!


Hey @briansusername!

I agree, a swipe would feel really natural in that setting! I will relay your feedback to the team :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio:

I’d just be happy if the view wasn’t locked into a specific view. My moisture charts are currently all June 6th to June 12th. With today being the 12th it means all I see are 6 days of history and no future forecast without moving forward one week. I’d much rather a view that defaulted to something like D-3 to D+3 with D being today so you see a bit of both.