Allow Rachio action fields in IFTTT be populated from an ingredient

I just purchased the new Google Home device and have been playing around with it and IFTTT. I’ve noticed that I can create a Google home trigger with a variable key word and number. I wanted to create a trigger for the phrase “Water x for y minutes” where x would be the zone name and y would be the number of minutes to run. The trigger is straight forward to create, however, when I added the Rachio action, I noticed that it doesn’t accept an ingredient as input to the action field. You have to pre-select the zone and time if you want to manually water a zone.

It would be very useful to accept at least the time to run as an ingredient. It would be pretty trivial to create an applet for each zone rather than have to pass the zone name to the Rachio Actions.

Hi @pjschaffer!
Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll make sure to get it to the team! That would definitely make our IFTTT integration more powerful.
McKynzee :rachio: