Allow Rachio Access to Settings to fix your problems

I have had zero problems with my Rachio, with the exception of your default rotor setting way too high. I get frustrated by all the problems people are having in this community. Is it possible customers can grant Rachio technical service access to their app and search for incorrect programming? It is early September and I am already seeing a major drop in my watering. I’m very pleased with my controller. Please find a way to add a drip configuration.


@robertokc, love the idea! Thanks for sharing. I changed the category of this post to product suggestions so your idea gets captured for future consideration.

Could you elaborate on what you’d like to see in regards to a drip configuration?

I don’t claim to be a drip expert and my design and calculation experience comes from distributor sales of several brands of drip.
Here are a few things needed to set up a drip zone for someone with 17mm tubing with inline pressure compensating emitters (such as Netafim Techline CV, Toro DL 2000 and Rain Bird)
Must ask gallon per hour: .2, .4. 6 .90 or 1 gph
Ask spacing between emitters: 12", 18" and 24"
Ask spacing between lateral lines: 12", 18 " or 24"
Square footage of the zone
Then go through normal questions for soil type, plant type, etc.
You should have easy access to drip calculations in the Toro, Netafim and Rain Bird drip design guides books. The IA is a great resource too.

There are run time calculations you can use in these design guides.

Sandy or lighter soils use .6 or .9 gph. Clay soils should use .4. Extremely heavy clay soils are a .2 (I am talking gumbo clay here.). The type of soil dictates emitter spacing and spacing between lines, because the goal is a uniform wetting pattern.

For individual emitters it gets a little trickier. I don’t feel qualified to give advice here. I don’t think I’ve been too much help, but I know drip can be done. It was a setting in the original Weathertrak controller that used pager technology (off the market now). Hope I helped a little.