Allow multiple weather stations

I would like to see an enhancement added to the system where I could enter two or three weather stations and the Rachio controller would “combine” the weather data from several stations to determine the “average” weather conditions at my house. For example, there are two official weather stations near my home. One is 13 miles away and the other is 16 miles away. However there is a personal weather station less than 2 miles away. I’m reluctant to use a PWS because of reliability concerns. However, in Louisiana, 13 miles is a long way and the amount of rainfall can vary significantly between my house and the official weather station. I’d like to be able to combine weather data from the official station with a nearby PWS.

Most PWS stations are fairly accurate. Also, a lot of them you can verify the data.

This explains some more regarding PWS.

If it is a MID_ it is a CWOP.

To search for reliability you can use this URL for CWOP, drop the MID_

i.e. MID_E1799

To search for reliability you can use this URL for PWS, drop the PWS_

i.e. PWS_REDNW58

In our weather station selector each PWS has a link that you can click on. Most have available data, some will not.

Thanks for the feedback, it would be great to have an aggregate of data. This, or get much higher resolution satellite data that could be just as accurate, but even more so.

Thanks again, I’ll pass this along to the product team.


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