Allow color coding for schedules on calendar

I know this has been mentioned repeatedly in the past but other threads are years old and this suggestion still hasn’t been applied.

CAN WE PLEASE get a color code for each created schedule in the calendar?

CURRENT LAYOUT IN JUNE 2020: 2 of my schedules are going to water today. The schedule for my front lawn and the schedule for my garden. At the moment, It shows 1 blue drop on today’s calendar date with the number 2 underneath the drop signifying that 2 schedules will water today.

IDEAL LAYOUT: Let’s say you get to color code each schedule that is created. For example, my front lawn schedule is green, and my garden is red. If both schedules are going to water on today’s calendar date, it would be convenient and ideal to see 2 drops on today’s date on the calendar. 1 in green, 1 in red.

This helps the user quickly identify which areas of the yards is going to be watered when looking at the calendar and helps us to overall get an idea of how often each schedule is watering through the month/year. And let us pick the color of each schedule that we create for optimal use.