All Zones Scheduled App Label

Is it possible to change the header label that is being applied? If Rachio is not running All Zones it still reports in the app, on IFTTT and calendar as All Zones. Perhaps that when less than all Zones are scheduled, you can change it to report “Select Zones” scheduled or “Planned Zones” completed. When running all 8 Zones you could use the default.
I don’t know if I am alone on this, but every time I receive an alert that says all Zones
I get nervous and check the app to see what actually is scheduled or what was run.

Hey @garyjnj1-

Are you talking a flex schedule or a fixed schedule? I think the notification you are referring to displays the schedule name, is your schedule named “All Zones”?

You are correct. I meant Flexible Daily = “All Zones.”

I always see my schedule name, “Flex Drip”, “Flex Lawn”, “Overseed Morning”, etc. Do you have just one schedule? Did you by any chance name it “All Zones”?

It is the default Flexible Daily Schedule program for my eight zones. The issue is, that even if it has only planned to water one zone it will still report “All Zones.”
I guess a better feature would be to just plug in the numbers for the Zones that are planned to run or that have been run.

I do have one other schedule that I can select called new grass seed but don’t use it often.

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@garyjnj1- Got it, that makes perfect sense. I agree some indication of what zones are running that cycle would be helpful, rather than having to click into the watering day to get the details. I will get your feedback to the team!