All valves stay on

Installed controller and all wired up.
Tested valves and all work
Programmed timers and zones.
Now I can run through zones and activate each one.
The problem IS:
Every zone will not shut off.
Each zone / valve will stay open flowing water.
Up to 3 zones will stay on.
If I unplug the 120v from the wall one, two or three zones will shut down instantly.
So I know the valve work and come on.
I know that with no power they shut down.
The problem seems to be the Rachio does not power them down/ off.
Any suggestions I’m not seeing?

Seems you’ve replaced / not using an original power supply. The issue you are describing arises when the controller is powered off of a DC power supply, whereas Rachio (and most other smart controllers) require an AC supply.

You’ve mentioned that you have 120V line, any reason why you had to replace your power supply?

I am using the stock power supply. I have an outdoor box. 120v power cord is connected to the box. Then stock power supply plugs into the outlet inside the housing. Thus powering the Rachio.

@Wright.Eddy - another thing that could be in play is DC latching valves instead of AC valves. What valves are installed and/or what controller did this Rachio replacy.

The old controller was a hunter. Valves may be Rain Bird.

Can you take a photo of your power supply?

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Can you unplug the black power brick and take a photo of the label with output details?

As I’ve suspected, you have a DC (wiki link) supply.
You can tell by this symbol:

Where did you buy the controller? They didn’t ship it with the right power supply.
Can you verify that you have 110V at the socket? You can buy the right power supply pretty easily (if Rachio support can’t assist you with replacement), but we first want to make sure it will not be damaged. Unlike the DC supply you have with universal 100 through 240V input, the AC supplies tend to be either 110 or 220, not both.

Now we are getting somewhere. I bought a used Rachio in Florida because I have one in Colorado and it works so well. It was taken out of a big house because they needed more zones. Do you have a link for the proper one?

Something like this should work:

Thank you. So the voltage is wrong, and that is messing with the proper signal to close the valve?

More like a wrong current type, Direct Current (DC) instead of Alternating Current (AC). Unlike DC, AC current has a period where there is no voltage / current about 120 times per second (zero crossing), Rachio controller can only turn off a zone during such a time.

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Wow… all I wanted to do was water…
Thank again.
Ordering now.