All controllers are missing

I installed 2 controllers in the last week. Today, all the controllers are missing. I am the only one with access on my iphone. Wifi is working fine. My account just shows blank, asking me to add a controller.

What is going on?

Did you possibly create two accounts, using different email addresses?

Can you log in to your account at , preferably from a different device? If so, do your controllers appear there?

That’s a bit vague. Do you mean that the controllers are seen by your router, you can ping them, etc?

Just one account.

Tried from laptop but same issue.

The router can see that both controllers are still connected and transmitting data now and then.

Try calling Rachio support on 1 844 4RACHIO (1 844 472 2446). You may have to wait until Tuesday to reach them.

Thanks! They have no idea whats going on. I need to get my serial numbers and hopefully they can fix this. Pretty scary that everything gets wiped off my account… I had high hopes for Rachio. and plan to add one more controller…