Afternoon cool down

I just installed my Rachio 3 a few hours ago, and I’m very excited to work with it over the rest of this summer. One feature I’d love to see though, is the ability to run an afternoon “cool-down”, only on days that warrant it.

I live in MT at close to 4,000 feet in elevation. It’s quite dry here and the sun is very intense. I’d like to set a schedule that runs a short duration only a few parts of my yard that are abused by the hot sun, and have it run only on days that are sunny AND over 85 degrees, or something similar to that.

Even though that may not be the most water efficient, I can easily see some parts of my lawn really struggling in the middle of the afternoon, even when adequate soil moisture was present the previous morning.

Is there any way to make this happen currently, or can this function be added?

@sshanson - best bet would be to use IFTTT to trigger a run - it can only do one variable, so when temperature exceeds X water zone y for z minutes.

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That sounds like a decent solution. But, I’m a novice… What is IFTTT?

@sshanson - If This Then That - a cloud service that can tie two services together, like Weather Underground or a Weatherflow personal weather station and Rachio.

I’ll check it out. Thanks!


Maybe something like this.