After upgrade, app forgot me and my controllers

After the latest app update, I have to add back my controllers. Why? This is very annoying.

I second this one. I re-added my Rachio, but my zones and other information have all been wiped clean.

Mine too! Help!

@hcnate, @Sled, and @sj9003 Just checked over your accounts. It looks like your accounts have all of your zone settings, schedules, controller settings back in. Feel free reach out to me directly or to Support if you have any other questions or concerns

I have lost all my controllers, zone settings, and controllers settings as well. I re-added my controller but everything is gone! Please help.

Hey @adowlat-

Did you add your controller in V3 as new rather than logging in to migrate? If so, we recommend you reach out to support. They will be able to resolve this for you!

McKynzee :rachio:

when I opened the app it asked me to log in. When I did it asked me to add my controllers and walked me through a process to add the controllers. There was never an option to migrate. I have already reached out to support and have not heard anything back so I decided to try here.

@adowlat sorry for the delay, we got your zone settings, and schedules back in. Let us know if anything else comes up!

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Hi I lost my user profile again with the latest update. I can’t see any of my controllers or zones. Please help.

Can you logout/login to your account? Using your profile email address I see a ‘back yard’ and ‘front yard’ controller on your account.


Opened the app and all my zones are gone? Can you help restore?

Did you use the correct email address? Using the email associated with your community account the controller and zones look fine.


This happened to me last night. New version of the app lost everything attached to my profile. Can’t seem to get it back etiher.

@jharrop27 If you DM me the email you are using to login with the account I will have the engineering team review for you.