After Manual run flex schedule does not update

I had to do a manual run of all zones after fertilizing. Flex schedule, using my personal weather station data, did not update, still showing re-manual schedule. Shouldn’t the controller take the long manual run into account?

Having the same issue with rain, after a 1-inch rain, flex schedule did not update as expected.

Rachio 3.


Flex daily, or flex monthly?

Thanks for the reply, it’s Flex Daily.

Can you post a screen shot of your moisture graph? Hopefully the manual water day is there…

Not exactly sure what you want, I can find a graph for one zone, but dunno how to show all zones? Yes the manual run does show on a single zone moisture graph. Do you still want a screenshot? I’ll have to figure out how to do it.

Thanks again.

Moisture graphs are independent for each zone.

If the manual run is showing on the moisture graph, then it sounds like everything is working fine. The reason that it may have still run the normal schedule after the fact is that the manual run still wasn’t enough to “fill the tank” so to speak. That’s why a visual on the moisture graph would be helpful on at least one of the zones.

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I see, thanks. All the zones are at “110%”, and were after a 1" rain 2 days ago. The manual run didn’t change the “fill”, so I guess the scheduled flex run of a couple zones in a few days is correct. I appreciate your comments.

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Let’s see if the screenshot worked. On 4/18 we got almost an inch, about 1AM, then I watered in the fertilizer on the 19th early morning.

Thanks! The chart does indicate a run on the 19th. Flex Schedules may not instantly change when a manual watering event occurs but the schedules do recalculate at the start of a day (sometime after midnight) and an hour or so prior to a Flex scheduled irrigation event. Or if a zone setting is changed. The moisture chart/graph, however, is very dynamic and should update right away including new predicted irrigation days that the scheduler will eventually inherit.

The chart and graph are my favorite.

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It is odd that your zone ran with the moisture balance being up around 100%…what time does your schedule run? I wonder if there was some issue with timing of when the weather updated vs when Rachio made the final decision to run… @rachiosupport, any thoughts?

It didn’t. It got to 110% with the rain on 4/18, and I did a manual run on 4/19. The 4/21 scheduled run was there before the 4/18 rain event, which is what has me confused. However, I think it will catch up, based on Kubisoro’s comment.

Great forum, great help, thanks again.


And sure enough, as soon as I posted my last reply, the schedule is updated to show next irrigation for this zone is 4/22!