After any one zone finishes, Rachio will turn off

Hi everyone, Hope someone can help me! I installed my new rachio Gen 2 last week and still had no luck to make it work properly.

I live in Chile, and our power supply is 220v, so I first had to buy a plug in adapter to convert 110v to 220v, 24v and 50/60hz, I installed it correctly and the configurations process and wifi setup was very fluent and easy. All zones are properly wired and work correctly individually.

My problem since installation is that when I start either manually or scheduled any zone, the following zone won´t start and the controller will turn off. This also happens when i try to test the zones during the configuration process. The first one will work and the following will turn de controller off.

The only way to start a following zone is unplugging and plugging again, wait for all lights on the controller to turn on, start a new zone, will turn off again and so on…

I tried elimintating the device from the app, making also a factory reset on the controller, rewiring the controller again but still no luck. I also wrote to rachio support through the webpage a week ago but the haven´t answered.

Any thoughts? I am about to buy a new controller and give up with the Rachio.

Thank you very much.

Sounds like the problem I just had. Make sure that your power adaptor puts out 24v AC not 24v DC. I made the same mistake when replacing my power adaptor.

You are right, my output adapter is 24v DC. If that´s the problem, I should change it for a 24v AC. Thank you very much for your help.


Just to let you know that i changed the power supply to ac output and now works fine. Thank you very much for you help!


Glad to hear it @Agustinbuenano!! Congratulations on your new controller :slight_smile: