Affect of Quick Run on Next Scheduled Watering?

I have Rachio 3 Pro.

If I do a quick run on a zone, does that affect the calculation of when the next scheduled run occurs for that zone? (Flex Daily)

I want to water a zone earlier than scheduled, but I want the schedule to adjust for the fact that additional water was given to the zone. What is the best way to do that?

If you add water using Quick Run, it SHOULD be showing in the data chart as an amount under “irrigation” and is therefore added to the level of water in that zone

I was testing a zone yesterday for 1 minute, and it has recorded adding 0.13 to my zone

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Only way Rachio doesn’t account for water is if you manually run the system AT THE VALVE. ANy type of watering through the app, via quick run or another fixed schedule will cause the Flex schedule to recalculate.


Not quite unfortunately. I believe there is a bug in the system.

I had a zone on about 7%. I went into the zone and clicked the “Empty”. It went to Zero as planned, and it watered that night as expected. But the next night it watered again, and despite adding it to the history for that zone, it never recorded in the irrigation in the data chart, which it was then absolutely correct to water again.

I tried to bring it to @drew_thayer attention, but maybe I didn’t explain it well enough.

Post a screen shot of the mousture graph and “more detail” section. I’d be willing to bet that it did in fact record it, but a single run wasnt enough to overcome the ET of the zone for a day. It probably ran twice in a row to “fill the reserves” if you will.

@tmcgahey So it was last month - see zone 8. I emptied Zone 8 on the night on 9th Aug so it watered early hours of 10th. But on the night of the 11th, I found it was due to water again, so I needed to do a manual SKIP to stop this. Took this screenshot just after instructing the skip

However, the watering added early morning of 10th Aug was NOT added in the zone detail