Aeris Temp data not in sync with

Anyone noticed that the temperature shown in the Rachio page for their controller is not in sync with what the Aeris Web page is showing? I am in Zip Code 83642 and the different is 5-7 degrees depending on the day for the coming week. Earlier in the week it showed ‘rain’ for two days so led to a skip … we had no rain! I didn’t notice this sort of miss-sync last year.
I did raise a Support question before I remembered the Community so sorry for the double dip!
BTW great product! Easier to use them some others on the market and no problems so far!

Hi Richard,

What is your Weather Station set to under “Weather Intelligence” section of interface? (you can also look it up via the app).

Comparing a specific weather station data (which has local data) to a zip code in general (which has generalized data) are unlikely to agree often. Even predictions are usually set to use the weather station data to predict things like rain.

It may be that the pressure (barometer) sensor within the weather station you are using is showing a lower pressure than it should thus making it seem that you may be getting rain.