Aeration / Over-Seeding Mode

It would be awesome to have a built-in mode/feature to activate after aeration/over-seeding. All setup and modeled based on your yard profile, time of the year and weather.
Simply activate it the day you aerate/seed and that’s it. Over 2-3 weeks it works through the germination watering cycle and eventually automatically merges into its normal smart watering program.

I know there are a couple of useful workarounds I can use today but the Rachio already made me so spoiled when it comes to managing irrigation of my yard that I would like to it to take care of this as well.

Thank you!


Great recommendation @jsvoboda, this could be a really cool new feature. I will make sure to log this for our team!

I end up writing a separate program for over seeding and an additional one for fertilizing. I have to do some manual work but then again, that is what the customer is paying me for.

I don’t mind doing water management when the customer requests it.

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