Advanced settings for North Texas/Southern Oklahoma Expansive Clay to Prevent Foundation Issues

Installed my Rachio a few weeks ago in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. If you live here, you know that keeping even moisture in the expansive clay under our slab foundations is key. Has anyone found a good combination of advanced zone settings to achieve this?

Here’s an article about this for interested readers.

@ice789, assuming you have a foundation zone; I’d recommend the following configuration

  • Make sure the soil selection for the zone is set to Clay
  • Change the Allowed Depletion to 30%
  • Setup the zone on it’s own schedule that abides to your locate watering restrictions.
  • Disable Climate Skip & Rain Skip

I live near Houston, also with a house on expansive clay. It’s still early (installed my Rachio on 25th March), but 25% depletion and allowing rain skip (as implemented in a flex schedule) seems to be working OK.

Which schedule type do you recommend for a foundation zone?
I have mine on an old flex, so I don’t have climate skip or rain skip options listed.