Advanced Flex settings

Last year I had great success using Daily Flex advanced setting. This year it has reset gallons or time to crazy amounts.
For example a station that ran for 10 minutes now wants to run for 90 minutes. I set everything to defaults because I had changed crop coefficient, efficiency and other advanced settings. I deleted all schedules and even reset my WiFi. A new flex schedule still shows enormous run times. I am now running a fixed schedule.
If anyone has thoughts on how to restore my Flex I would be thankful.

Not really a way to restore if you reset to factory defaults. You’ll have to go into the zones and set them back up to make sure you have the correct parameters set. One of the most important is the PR of your nozzles.

@RoyB Do you remember making any changes? Flex daily software has not changed since last year. Durations should all be the same, the only thing that would be different is frequency but that would be due to the current weather.


Thank you for your time.
What I meant by restore was past performance. I set it to default thinking my advanced settings caused the long, long run times. Even with default settings run times are long.
For example a normal fixed run time for me is 3 hrs. Flex wants to run for 15 hrs.

What is one of the zones in question so I can have the engineering team review?