Adjusting zone crop coefficient, not enough, still browning

The style of the rotors are rainbird 5000- on the top they have like orange color little rubber with 2.0 am assuming that is the nozzle type or model.

Not sure what 2.0 AM would be. They have a SAM (seal-o-matic) version with a built in check valve…

Anyway, the nozzles for that series look like they are .51-.75" per hour, so until you do a catch cup, let’s shoot for somewhere in the middle of that, maybe .61" or so?

Thank you so much @tmcgahey greatly appreciated yes that is the model number 5000 with a 2.0 on the top I was thinking maybe that is the nozzle number or something

When I switch the nozzle from 1”/hr to . 5”/ hr I adjust the crop coefficient to the default 70 thate schedule switch to 3 hours so yea I when to rainbird site and did some research on the 5000 rotors I switch to 0.61

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