Adjusting flex daily schedule

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@sbillard Thanks for the very helpful information.

There are a few things you should do to start:

1 “Fill” your zones since they are most likely full and the Iro does not have the history to know so.
2. Be sure that the water output of your sprinkler heads predicted “reasonably.” Best way to do this is with catch cups, but given the current rain predictions that may not be feasible until summer. My experience is that the standard types do not match what actually is happening.
3. Be sure that the “root depth” for your zones is correct. I just fixed one of my zones (that I had not paid attention to) and it changed the next watering from Wednesday to a week from tomorrow.
4. You can always play with the zone factors until you get a watering time on the same order as what you were doing before the Iro. But remember that the Iro strategy is to promote root growth. That means deeper but less frequent waterings.
5. See also

@danckert After doing some adjustments, if you want to post your zone soil moisture graphs those are typically the best way to determine your watering frequency and see if it looks reasonable.

Also, I typically recommend starting with one or two zones to see how flex daily behaves and get it dialed in, than expand to the rest of your zones. Hope this helps.

Also, here is a nice condensed view of all the flex daily documentation.