Adjusting daily flex by percentage?

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A few of my lawn sections are starting to look heat stressed with my flex daily schedule as we reach mid-June. In past years I seem to recall being able to easily set a % number to increase the planned flex schedule for a particular zone, like 120% etc. I can’t seem to find that feature or the equivalent in the 3.x app this year, am I missing something, I am sure I am? Thanks!

I don’t think there’s a setting like that. Assuming your lawn is not being watered every allowed day, perhaps increase your crop coefficient under advanced zone settings. Adding 10% may be a good start. This means you’re telling the controller the grass is evapotranspiring/ using more water, thus increasing water frequency (not duration). Take a look at the soil moisture chart when you’ve adjusted that and see if it is watering more to your liking. Or if your lawn is already being watered nearly every allowed day, the other adjustment is increasing advanced zone setting’s root depth by an inch or two. That’ll easily increase water duration. Again, look at soil moisture chart to see how that affects watering. Or try both settings. You can also manually change water duration under schedule if you’d rather not touch your settings. That’s totally legit but will be overwritten if any zone settings are changed in the future.

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thanks, i guess I’m dreaming that feature used to be there lol. as a suggestion i’d love to see an easy system to create a multiplier for flex calculated watering… ie. let flex do all its normal calculations but add “X%”… this would be a user friendly way to boost water to a zone looking stressed without getting into the weeds of the advanced zone settings.

@Kubisuro has the best options!

@boldblue737 We used to display duration change as a percent of baseline (100%) on the schedule zone duration screen. That might have confused you. We removed that to try and make it less confusing. Also, we only allowed you to go ±/50% of baseline. We don’t have a restriction now on zone durations. Long story as to why we need a baseline.



Best way to avoid the weeds, perhaps, is to add whatever extra minutes you like to the scheduled run time under the appropriate schedule. That avoids specific zone settings that may work most of the year otherwise.

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thanks for all the suggestions but you know i went back out on the lawn and took a close look a the real issue is what looks like drought is really brown spot and dollar spot, the Rachio is doing such a nice job of watering the lawn that what is really happening is that healthy grass + water + fert + heat = fungus. I went out and got some Bayer Lawn Fungus Control and just put it down on the entire yard and hopefully nip this in the bud.