Adjusting all watering times 2

Again. Rachio is not perfect. After record rains in Los Angeles, My unit irrigated my back lawn. My lawn is was already completely saturated from all the rain. My lawn is also warm season turf and is still brown and dormant. So this was a complete waste of water(MONEY). The only solution i can come with is a soil probe to let Rachio know the soil is saturated. I have already installed a rain device and it is working great. Any other ideas? For now i just put it in stanby mode until it dries up and needs water.

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First off, I assume you have bermuda warm season grass? If so, when the grass goes dormant in the winter, there is no need for supplemental watering. Here in Arizona, on years when I don’t overseed, I suspend the Flex Daily schedule on my grass zones. Personally, I create a single fixed zone to water a few minutes once a week, just to keep some moisture in the soil. Even this isn’t really necessary, but I find that without something, the soil takes a hit (not the grass, it bounces back just fine.)

As for watering after a rain, Rachio will only record up to 110% soil moisture (as seen on the moisture graph) and will start depleting from there. Any more moisture above 110%, Rachio assume will run off.

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Yes. Warm season grass. That is a good idea. I will shut down the regular flex and set up a zone with just a minute to keep the value operating. thank you.


Go in and change your weather station to a specific one near you. Not the collection off all around you. I’m in the Los Angeles area as well, and I had issues till I did that. Once I did that no more issues.

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Great point! I forgot to mention that in my post. Probably the most important reason to keep the system cycling every once in a while! The diaphragm in the valve is most apt to fail when not being cycled…

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Do i need to have at least 4 water days for flex daily to work correctly in each zone?

Flex Daily work best with the least restrictions. Are you on restrictions?

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Garbage in/garbage out.

hmm ???.