Additional zone when no master valve is used

I suspect many like myself don’t have a master valve. Understand why the connection is present but as this is useless to me I would like to use this as an additional zone - so my 8 zone would become 9 (hint: this is an available feature with some of your competitors). Now go code :slight_smile:


the “master valve” is a Safety device… it is open only when the system is on and closed when not. the “zone 9” would run all the time…

@Hankelb, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll add it to the backlog for future consideration. Please +1 this if you’re interested in seeing it added as a feature.

@webber, correct this is how the master valve works in it’s current state. @Hankelb would like to see this logic changed to be turned on and off per user’s requirements.