Additional Users

I’ve noticed that custom nozzles that are created by one user, are not then accessible by any other user associates to that Iro. So if the other user attempts to adjust the zone, the nozzle is missing and one of the defaults must be selected. Or each user must add any/all custom nozzles in order for them to be used consistently for that Iro. Is there any way that these nozzles can be shared by any user associated with that account or specific Iro?

Just an additional note, maybe a “last updated by” or “created by” can be added to each watering time settings page and even and other type of thing that can be added/saved so that the user can see if some else updated or added something to the Iro. Just an idea.


@jeremyshultz The way this currently works is:

  • Create a custom nozzle, assign it to a zone (Zone 1)
  • Share your device with the custom nozzle assigned to Zone 1
  • Login to app as user that was granted shared access
  • The custom nozzle will be present on Zone 1 of shared device
  • Correct, you can not edit a shared device’s custom nozzles. Those are owned (nozzle library) by the user that shared the device
  • If you assign a custom nozzle that you built as a user that has shared access for a device you can assign it to a shared device.
  • If access is revoked to the shared device, any custom nozzles assigned to it from the user granted shared access, will be copied into the owner of the device personal nozzle library.

For now, it is too difficult to allow someone with shared access to also have access to someone else’s personal custom nozzle library.

Hope this helps.


Okay thank you. Yes that does help. I wasn’t sure how that part was built. I had assumed the custom nozzles were stored in the cloud or whatnot same as the watering times, zone information, etc as opposed to only tied to that specific user. Thanks again!