Adding WUnderground Station to Rachio with Gen 2

Hey @Gene,

Would it be possible to have my station added to PWS Weather? Thank you.

Let’s check :wink: Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx16121

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Thank you @Gene! Do you know if there is any way for me to take ownership of this PWS on the website and have it under my account?

Two options, first is to submit a support ticket and ask for the station to be transferred to you. Second is to create a new station of your own and I can start updating that one instead of the one I’ve generated for you. PM (link) me your new station info, in case you want to go with option 2.

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Hey @Gene
If possible could you please add the weather station

Thank you, have a good New Year

@WakararaFarm Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx67369 :+1:


Thank you so much @Gene

Hi @Gene could you please verify my PWS ? I created it almost two days ago and is not showing up on rachio’s weather intelligence yet. Thanks

@rochag Your station looks good, in case you were using a Gen 2 or 1 Rachio controller.

Considering that you are not seeing yours yet, my guess is that you are using a newer Gen 3 controller, which gets data from WU instead. If my guess is correct, your WU station is also a few days old, alas it takes about a week for your station to pass QC and show up as an option within Rachio UI.

Let me know if my guess about you using a Gen 3 controller is incorrect. Thank you,

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Thanks @Gene, unfortunately no I bought it from Amazon 3 years ago, it is a 16 zone Gen 2. Im uploading my weather data via Acurite Access to WU and from there to PWSweather since there is no way to pass it directly from Acurite to Rachio !

Ok, thanks for confirming that, all too often we can go through troubleshooting steps, only to discover that there was no issue to find, simply a difference in supported networks.

Have you tried to choose your station via a web app?
If you don’t mind sharing the screenshot of the map with the stations available to you, it would be helpful.

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I did and I’m only getting 3 Stations, here is the screenshot

Rachio usually shows a station as available, when it is close to the “home” location of your controller.
Seeing the one available station being south of the map, makes me think that Rachio may think that your actual station (located south east of the tux one) is too far. Could you check if you can set your Rachio address to be closer to your station?

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Yup, that was the first thing that came to my mind and I make complete sure both Rachio got the exact location and PWSweather the right lat and long coordinates. And guess what they overlap, a couple of minutes ago I checked and finally PWS got updated on Rachio, It took almost 4 days to show up. Thanks @Gene for your help.

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Hello, was wondering if you could add this station?



@ryanwod Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx68470


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Thank you for what you do. I just got a new weather flow station for Christmas. Could you add the station to the network?

Thank you!

@FlyCMI Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx87217, marry Xmas :wink:

Good morning,

I was hoping to add this station to PWS

Thank you so much!

@green_mike Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx29552 :wink:

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