Adding schedule, BUT, it seems like way to much watering

SO, basically this season I want to start off nice and fresh. I deleted my old schedule and want to add a new one. I went to add FLEX DAILY, but it seemed liked WAY TO much water; something like 9 hours. With that being said, what is the best way to approach the watering schedule. Ideally, I am looking for something that is a SET IT and FORGET it. Any advice and or input is appreciated. Thank you.

If it matters, zip code =11733

Yes, to start sometimes it does seem like a lot of watering. If it seems like too much to me, I go into the schedule, and into durations to adjust the watering times down.

You’ll have to fine tune the schedule.

Yeah. I get that, too.
Is that because we don’t have ALL the details set, like Area, soil details, emitter GPH, etc?

Anyways, it doesn’t exactly add to my confidence that Rachio’s got it all figured out.

@mailbag It is important to remember the bucket rule when starting a new flex schedule.

Your bucket, regardless of size can hold X amount of water which will be 100% of it’s capacity.
We try to refill the bucket when it is 40 to 50% empty.

Starting a new flex schedule will tell the Rachio that your bucket is empty and will automatically want to fill the bucket and therefore use more water than you expected.

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Remember that flex daily won’t be running all those zones every time. It will pick the depleted ones and skip the others over and over.

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