Adding notes to Zones

As a new Rachio 2 owner, I find it necessary to create notes for my zones, for further modifications,general info on my heads, flow amounts…etc.

It would be nice to be able to add these notes to my zones, through the Rachio app.

If this is available currently, my apologies.

I love the unit, and other than the above, love the app.



I would only add that I hope rachio keeps desktop access and not make the mistake too many companies do, and move to reliance on a Android or iOS. Desktops are NOT dead, I spend more time using Desktop access to most things than the phone. The phone is a convenience, but not a powerful interface.


+1 too!

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+1 I was actually just thinking this would be a great idea!

What’s the statue of this suggestion? I have had this product for 24 hours, love everything about it. I want to keep notes, reminders, and pictures. I’d like to separate the notes by all or zones. Then I can have detailed information about my whole sprinkler system.

Thanks Gary

What’s the status of this 2yr old suggestion? Why does Rachio app not allow for Notes?
Here’s the email that I just sent Rachio, June 2020:
I urge you to add NOTES to the Zones. I’d enter into Rachio notes for each zone exactly what areas of the property are in that zone (e.g., Zone 12 “Roses” includes the lower cherry trees). And I’d note some of the recent irrigation settings (e.g. I set for 15 minutes until July, but that wasn’t enough water) … or valve adjustments. BUT THERE’S NO ROOM, NO PLACE TO PUT NOTES IN THE APP. This seems like an easy no-brainer.

You could annotate the zone photo using your favorite editor and upload it to Rachio.

I have an excel spreadsheet that I keep all this info in. Would be nice to have it in the app, but in the meantime excel works just fine.