Adding a Zone to a Flexible Daily Schedule(One day Only)

Later tonight my Flexible daily has planned a watering event. I have another unlisted zone looks like it needs water. Can I “tack on” this zone to just this one event? If so, how?

Hey @garyjnj1!

If your schedule has not run yet today, if you “empty” that zone’s moisture balance on the moisture graph, it should readjust the schedule to run this afternoon. Let me know if that works! This way you keep your moisture balance in check too :slight_smile: Any ideas why flex isn’t tracking correctly?

McKynzee :rachio:

We just had our first hit of 90 degree weather this season. I’d prefer not to have to zero out the moisture level for the zone and have Rachio think that it is completely out. I was hoping I could just add the zone and amount of minutes for the zone.

@garyjnj1 Ahhh gotcha. My next best recommendation would be to just do a quick little manual run for that zone!