Adding 1 or 2 minute delay after ending each zone

I have Weathermatic valves in our yard started developing issues. When a zone is done, the valve is failing to shut due to diaphragm issues when a new zone starts right away. You end up with two zones running simultaneously with low pressure. If I wait couple of minutes, the zone valve closes fine and then I can start another zone. I am able to locate the valves that can be found and replaced the top part with new Weathermatic valve’s top part instead of replacing the whole valve. But I have few zones I don’t know where the zone valves are located.
I am wondering if Rachio lets users configure 1-2 minute delay at the end of specific zone closing.
Lets say Zone8 has this problem. I like to configure 2 minute duration for the zone close. If a schedule has Zone10 coming right after Zone8, there is 2 minute pause between end of Zone8 and beginning of Zone10.
Rachio folks should think about this feature and it would be great if you can facilitate this in the app.

If you are not using all your zones, program a ‘dummy’ zone (one not connected to a valve) to run for two minutes between zones 8 and 10.

Or, if you have a drip zone (with a low flow rate), run it (for its normal time) between zones 8 and 10.

Go to controller settings > Advanced Wiring (M Terminal) > set it to Well or Pump Start Relay
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a master valve, or have something other then above options, it will work the same.
With the master valve set to Well / Pump, go to your schedule and look for Cycle and Soak setting. You should now see “Delay Between Zones” option (only visible if you have the master valve set “correctly”). Choosing this will allow you to go further (Next) and specify the delay in 1 minute resolution.

Detailed walkthrough here:
Delay Between Zones - How to include a well in your irrigation setup (

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Thanks Gene!
I came across the delay option when googling, but couldn’t locate it. I thought it is gone. So it is tied to pump relay option hah!
Don’t you think this setting is valuable even in regular scenarios to address the problem that I am facing

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Yes, I agree that hiding this setting behind a different setpoint only leads to confusion. Not that we can do much about it besides providing our feedback (we don’t work for Rachio).

I’d say that this is a temporary fix at best though. Those diagrams will continue to fail, and you’ll be back in the same position, regardless how long you delay between zones. Just my $.02.

You are right Gene!
I ended up replacing top parts of 4 zone valves that seemed to have bad diaphragms. Now everything closes as expected.