Added extra day, system didn't water

We have watering restrictions here by days of the week. Our city just added a third day for three months, so I edited my flex daily schedule for my trees and shrubs by adding Friday to the existing Sunday and Wednesday schedule. One of my zones was at 0% after I manually emptied the zone, but when I woke up this morning the affected zone was still dry.
When viewing the zone on the app during the day on Thursday, it had indicated that it was ready to water, but now it shows it will happen on Sunday. What happened to make it postpone watering when it is well past its allowed depletion?

Hey @chrisandeden-

Which of your zones did this occur on?

McKynzee :rachio:

This was on my zone titled, ‘Back Yard Plants.’ Because I was conducting repairs on a sprinkler line, I had ‘filled’ the zone to keep it from watering, then ‘emptied’ the same zone a day prior to the newly added day (Friday). When I went to bed Thursday night, the app showed the zone was scheduled to water starting at 12:34am Friday morning. But the next morning, no watering. It did water Sunday morning, but it was dry for an extra couple days because of the failure to run Friday morning.

Hey @chrisandeden-

I believe this issue is related to the issue you had recently in this thread: My system moisture levels are not triggering a water cycle

Let me know if you run into this again, but I think adjust your schedule start times should resolve the issue.

McKynzee :rachio:

So my system is acting up again. One of my 3 ‘Trees and shrubs’ zones was supposed to water yesterday (June 9). When I went to bed last night, it showed it was scheduled to water with the blue water drop. Instead, the zone depleted to 5%, and is less than zero today. Later in the day on the 9th, the app showed the next scheduled watering to be June 11. But lo and behold, my lawn schedule activated as normal, and watered in the evening.
What is going on? This is the second time since I added a third day to my flex schedule that it skipped one of my ‘trees and shrubs’ zones, allowing the zone to go into full depletion.

This shows that as of Monday, the system was set to water June 9 at 12:34am.

After waking up on the 9th, no watering early that morning, next watering on the 11th.

Got the notification that my lawn WAS going to be watered on the night of the 9th.

Shows water at 5% on the 9th, because it didn’t water, actually went below the line on the 10th, but the line is the limit.