Added adjustments

There is no place in the app to let it know if the plants/trees are newly planted. Living in the desert the water adjustment will be quite different than other areas, and a new planted tree/plant etc need different watering. I’ve had to over ride the app a few times where it’s going to skip watering saying water saturation says it should skip a watering, however I find that’s not accurate. When we’re in the 90’s and100’s and it’s been a week between watering and the app wants to draw that out to 12 days or so is not good.

For newly planted grass/shrubs/trees, I use a Fixed Schedule. After they are somewhat established, I transition to a Flex Daily Schedule, with a higher crop coefficient to start with. The higher crop coefficient setting increases the water frequency. After awhile, I gradually reduce the crop coefficient setting.

Makes sense. But it would be nice if you could input more detailed info and let the computer take the guess work out of it.