Add "Time Remaining"

I’d like to see you add “Time Remaining” for the active zone in the My Yard section. For various reasons, I don’t like to run watering schedules. We spend a lot of time in our yard and don’t like to surprised when the schedule kicks in. I set up run times for each zone using the remote as I see fit. I’d set up a schedule if I was going to be away for week or more.

I’d like to see how much time is left for the active zone. Currently, the “My Yard” section only shows which zone is active and how much time it was originally set for. Seems like an easy update to the app.

Hey @VincentG!

Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to get it to the team! As for your situation, it may save you a bit of time to create a schedule and disable it. Then, when you would like to run, you just select that schedule and run it manually with the Run Now button. Not sure if you are running the zones for the same durations each time, but if so that may be helpful :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio:

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Agree. We have multiple schedules programmed and there are many instances when I would like to see “time remaining.” If not on the controller box itself, then for sure on the iPhone app. Please put on “The List.” :slight_smile: