Add the wife's iPhone

I have my system in working fine. What I would like to is add my wife’s phone, started last night but quit when it wanted to flash up. I did not want to screw up what I already have. In other words can the system be controlled from two devices?

@mrharley‌ yes, right now she just needs to login with your account. We don’t have support for multiple accounts controller the same device yet.

I have added app to my wife’s phone and it works flawlessly. Only minor thing, she doesn’t get the email update foe rain events, only I do. No biggy though.

In our next release coming soon we will be sending push notifications to mobile devices.

Also, if you have 1.4 version of the mobile apps you can see a full history of events from the Device Settings screen, including rain delays, or why it did not rain delay.

@franz‌ that’s great! Does that mean any device that has the app installed?

Yes. Android or/and iOS. We will push notifications to all devices that have installed the app.


I would like to see the Nest like feature of either iPhone app in my house mine, or my wife’s being able to see and use the full features of the device.

@Lburro281‌ Do you mean allowing someone else access to the device with a separate account?

@franz i see the work around now of putting in my username and password into her iPhone app