Add report samples to your website

I just ordered a gen2/16 zone unit without knowing what reports and/or usage data is available. I figured I’d just check it out and if it didn’t have the output I needed I’d just return the unit. Maybe it’s there hidden somewhere, if it is please tell me where. If it’s not there I think it would be a good idea to show sample of all reports & outputs on your website somewhere so prospective buyers can see what they are getting. For me I’d like to see 45 days of details for each watering…Zone, schedule configuration details at time of run, start date/time, end date/time, run time in minutes, water usage in gallons. Schedule configuration details would include all the zone setting (soil type, slope, sprinkler type…and other zone configuration settings).

I would also be nice to view weather data that went into the calculations.

It’s not that I necessarily need to see all the data on an app screen, a csv export would suffice.


Some ppl are doing this with ifttt if I recall correctly.

If you are running flex, you can see some of the weather data that goes into calculations. The data you can’t see is exposed as a derivative, aka evapotranspiration.

thanks for the heads-up, looks like my gen2 will be delivered this Thursday. I’m sure by the weekend I’l have figured most of it out. I don’t even have it yet but I can tell from reviewing this forum and the responsiveness of the Rachio support staff that any shortcomings will eventually be resolved.