Add percentage of completion on main screen

With smart cycle on and using Flex it would be very helpful to have a time indicator (similar to e.g. a software installation or a download) that gives you an idea for how much longer Rachio plans to still run, since no two runs in Flex will be the same with all the different parameters set.

I guess I could look at the cycle numbers, e.g. cycle 7 of 11, but then I still have to go back and find out how many total minutes were budgeted, in my last case 359 minutes.

Maybe it can be considered in a future update?
Thanks for a very smart and great product!


Thanks @hgugger! Love the idea.

Thanks so much @benblackmer! I saw that the feature already got added to the Windows app. Woke up in the middle of the night, and as a real nerd checked if rachio was watering. Sure enough it provided a continuous status update by cycle and zone. Ironically I had one of these 570 minute runs, broken down in 16 cycles - so most of it was soak time, which is good to know as well. Makes it very transparent. This was quick!

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