Add a password/pin feature to get into the app

I think that it would be a good idea to add a feature where you need a 4-6 digit pin/password to get into the app (or maybe to make changes). This would help with security to keep someone who gains access to the phone from starting/stopping the watering, etc. Although you can log out of the rachio account on the app, it’s a pain to log in and out of the rachio account - the 4-6 digit pin code would be a good middle ground and is used by many banks, etc. on apps.

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@jroad917, thanks for the suggestion. Has this been a problem for you so far?

I hate when people steal my phone and water my lawn for me lol.

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No problem so far, but a child could potentially start the cycle and someone could do it to be mean, etc.

You would hate it if they ran your sprinklers for a very long time while you were out of town or something else happened.

My kids have been messing with my settings, it’s not a huge deal but my yard did burn up and I sent franz on a wild goose chase

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If this is implemented, please use Touch ID too.


Please do NOT make it mandatory, but OPTIONAL. I have 3 kids, but they know better than to mess with dads app. I don’t want to add another password/passcode/security to something that doesn’t need it.