Actual vs. Scheduled usage deviates


I noticed last month, that my actual usage was higher than the scheduled. I figured it could be because I had run it manually on my phone, so I wanted to wait till this month to monitor it.

Now again my actual usage says 2h 7m, while the schedules says 1h 24m - and this month I have NOT run any manual runs.

How come the actual usage can be higher than the scheduled?



I had the engineering team review your account and you had 43 minutes of watering happen when the controller was offline. It looks like we aren’t applying that to scheduled usage, which we will change. I’m also going to work with the team on putting these offline watering events into the history feed.


Excellent, thank you for responding. I look forward to the fix.


We are rolling code out today to fix this discrepancy and will now show offline watering events in history.

This won’t correct your past data but any future irrigation events will be correct.

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Thank you for fast development.