Actual Run Time for a Schedule

We show water duration for a schedule but we there is no place that I see that shows the actual or estimated run time. :wink: This would help in adjusting the start times.

I’m able to see zone run times by looking at any scheduled event on the web. Check out the details of the event.

Yes the problem with that is that it doesn’t factor in the soak time.

I’ll have to look when I get home but I could swear the soak time was visible in the same location in the Android app.

Its not visible in the iPhone or the web app.

I just received my seasonal adjustment and that time is reflected in the total watering time. Personally I think it should be separated out as well but that just me. I wouldn’t mind seeing how much time is added or subtracted on a seasonal basis and how much is soak. :wink: We even have the real estate to do it by zone. :laughing:

I got home too late to deal with this last night. I’m looking at the Android app and can see the water/soak cycle by tapping the edit schedule, then tapping a day the schedule is to run, then scrolling up at the very bottom of the app. It’s kinda hidden and hard to see buried there.

I agree, this is something that should be more easily seen and found. Should also be on web site. I’d really like to see the web page made to have all available app options like contextual help, password changes, etc. The web should be most fully featured choice available as it’s available to all platforms, not just iPhone or Android.