Activating System when Rain is near

Hi I have a question, my system has been working great for 2 months. But on Monday i had a slight issue. I received a notice on my phone that my sprinklers where running but they weren’t. I stopped the sprinklers and t=started them again, noting working. I rebooted the controller, nothing. It was supposed to rain the next day and i suspect that’s why it didn’t operate. Today without doing anything they work. Does the system disable in a time frame before or after scheduled rain during a manual run ?

@darobin77 We will only set a rain delay on the system if you have a watering time that has weather intelligence enabled and our software has detected enough rain to hit the predetermined rain threshold. This will not disable the system in regards to manually running schedules. If you continue to have any system related issues please contact and we can look further into any issues you are having.

Thanks and have a great day!