Accuracy of rainfall calc w/o moisture meter?

Several of us in our city have been looking at Rachio and other controller options. I think our biggest concern with Rachio is the lack of accurate actual moisture measurement. We get a lot of small storms that come through so someone in the southern part of our city will get soaked and those of us 1 mile north of them will be dry. The closest weather station to me will often indicate rain when I’m dry or dry when I’ve gotten soaked.

None of us really relishes the thought of buying, installing, and maintaining our own weather stations. Is that the only option for accurate watering?


You might consider a rain sensor.

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checkout the NETATMO Weather station with rain sensor. I have the same type of problem, living in a valley which is it’s own separate eco system. Having my own weather station enables more accurate tracking for my area.

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Yea I’m looking at these since appears to be vapor ware

Weatherflow is a quite well respected company. We’ve used them for sailing forecasts for years and a gob of sailors have their iPhone wind meters. Given their expertise in the stations they’ve built for themselves, NOAA and others I’d expect their home system to be quite good. It is using some interesting methods for wind & rain though.

From looking at their forums it appears that a bunch of people do have the home weather stations. I’m assuming these are beta. But more than vaporware.