AC1 and AC2 coming from outside


I’m migrating to Rachio Generation 2, coming from a Hunter ProC. I know the AC1 and AC2 cables that were used to power the Hunter are not needed anymore.

However, with the bunch of wires that were coming from the pipe (that is, with all the wires like the PMV and each zone) there two wires which were connected to AC1 and AC2. Any idea what those were used for? There was a rain sensor connected, but it seems to be wireless.

Please help me.


The alternate connections coming from outside of the controller to the AC1 and AC2 may have been from a rain sensor or a Solar Sync unit that uses those connections. There would have also been a blue wire too.

The wireless rain sensor or the wireless mini click has a rain sensor with a battery withing 300 feet of the controller and a receiver which still has to go to the wired portion of the controller. There should be a little grey box with a black antenna. That is the receiver for the wireless rain sensor.

You won’t need that for the Rachio but it can be added if you really think you absolutely have to have it.

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