Abort watering duration during + after rain event

My area has been hit with watering restrictions as of May 12, 2015. New water use restrictions that are now in place include:
o If your address ends in an ODD number, only water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;
o If your address ends in an EVEN number, only water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday;
o NO WATERING on Mondays.
o No landscape watering within 48 hours of a rain event; turn off all sprinklers and automatic sprinkler timers.
o Outdoor watering allowed only between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 9: 00 a.m.

To avoid mistakes, including manual watering, could the restrictions be programmed into a locked-out no-watering schedule to ensure that water is not used during these times on specific zones?


Sure thing, although our watering times work on positive restrictions, so you tell the Iro when to water.

When you create a watering time you can choose day(s) of week and a start time to make sure you are within restrictions.

We also have a very easy rain delay option (cloud icon on main dashboard) that will allow you to automatically set a 48 hour rain delay.

We also have other smart water features (cycle/soak, weather intelligence (virtual rain sensor), water budgeting) that won’t help with restrictions, but will help with conservation.

In a future release we will try to target specific restrictions (i.e. no watering within 48 hours of any rain event, etc.)

Our 2.0 release coming soon, we go one step further with flex schedules, where we will change the watering frequency based on time of year.

Hope this helps.



I agree and 2nd the need for a restrictions policy. In my use case, my lawn maintenance is done on Fridays. I don’t want to water on any Friday, regardless of what my interval for watering is.

Ban on watering 48 hours before a rain event? Our weather forecasters are incorrect so much of the time. This seems crazy. Where are you? It would seem rainfall probability would need to be 80 to 100 percent. The number of citations would be off the chart it would seem.

I’m not telling you to break the law or anything, but if I were in your position, have those dudes run at 4 am and screw the watering rules. Flex schedule is mostly abiding by the rain rules and with flex, I’ll take the Pepsi challenge, you saving more water than everybody else, you have upheld the spirit of the watering rules. I’m 99% confident they can’t prove you operating outside the ban based on consumption values.

What is really frustrating is I bet no business has to abide by these rules. I know in Cali they don’t…


What city has these restrictions?

These restrictions are in place for Rancho Cucamonga, CA. When they say “within 48 hours of a rain event,” we understand this to mean, “after 48 hours of a rain event.” We are also “mandated” to cut water usage by 35% from the previous year - for what seems like the second year in a row!

My Iro cut my water usage by almost 50% in most months during the first year it was installed. Now, however, a year later, they’re still talking about reducing consumption by 35%. Ugh!!!

So gross, while nestle exports 100,000,gallons a day in bottled water.

This makes more sense - 48 hours after a rain event. Good luck on the 35 percent additional savings!