Ability to set a max cycle time

I know this should not be a needed feature, but then we do have arbitrary watering restrictions that do not necessarily play well with the Iro. In my case I am not supposed to water a zone for more than 10 minutes. That of course can lead to under watering and plant death.

I have smart cycle set and usually this keeps the individual watering time below 10 minutes. But sometimes it can get longer. I’m pretty sure the watering police will not stay around long enough to see a second cycle, so if I could limit the first cycle to 10 minutes they will be fooled.

@sbillard Currently the only way is to game smart cycle using the chart below which shows the max run times.

Unfortunately this might have an adverse affect on overall run times if you are relying on our system to generate those.



How does slope impact the watering? All my areas that run over 10 minutes are flat. It seems that if I changed the slope to moderate or steep it would cut the cycle times to below 10 minutes. What side effects might there be? (These are flex schedules.)

A slope change will not affect flex overall Zone run time, just cycle times, so you should be good to go. :slight_smile: