Ability to make a zone a additional master zone

The rachio only has 1 master connection.
The ability to able to convert a spare zone terminal to a master zone via software would be ideal. As I have 2 groups front yard/backyard each group has its own master valve/solinoid.
With the current setup my 2x masters are connected to the master zone connection which means both masters will need to open even though only one group and valve in the group will be used, so 3x solinoids will need to open all the time a zone is operating.
If we are able to convert a spare zone connection to a 2nd master zone. Then only 2x solinoids will operate at a time instead of 3.
This is just a software implementation and not hardware so this is possible via its software.

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A suggestion which only involves software updating is the ability to make a zone a 2nd master zone if users needed it.

This would eliminate the need to have 2x master zones operating when only 1x master zone would need to open per its group.

In my case I only need 2x solinoids to operate(1xmaster,1xzone).

But with the setup and software now, it has to open both masters and a zone even though the 2nd master doesn’t need to open. If the software gets updated to alternate a zone between being a secondary master/zone this will eliminate the over current draw on the unit, prolonging it’s life.

With having 2x master zones using my idea, then we can have the user be able to select which zones will activate its corresponding master zone.

Could not all of your zones be tied into a single master valve via plumbing? PVC pipe is relatively inexpensive and although trenching would be the most difficult part of the job, renting a trencher would make it easier.

Unfortunately can’t be done, previous controller had 2x master zones.
Piping is all under concrete so not accessible otherwise yes I would of did that :frowning: