A peek under the hood

I thought I would share this short write up that shows some cool pictures of the Gen 2 manufacturing process, and gives some details about why Rachio’s CEO, @chris, started the company in the first place! :smile:


McKynzee :rachio:


I think this article is exceptionally well written! Nice job!

Too bad they don’t have a caption under the headline photo to see curiously who’s who. I assume that’s Chris Klein in there, along with Franz (CTO?).

Didn’t know that Amazon’s an investor. Amazon only invests in very high quality and promising tiny companies - they only invest in companies that Amazon believes will ‘hit a home run’ in the marketplace. Nice job!

48 employees so far. That’s impressive for the short period of time for company existence! That’s also quite a responsibility - 48 employees counting on Rachio leadership to continuously make the right decisions WRT the marketplace. Small companies go out of business quickly with just a few wrong turns.

Wish I lived in CO. I’d apply for a job. Would be exciting to passionately work for a start up that’s made some excellent progress so far.

Good luck and best wishes!



@a0128958 :joy: We would love to have you on the team!

They definitely should have labeled that- I will for you:
Back left- Sean Harris, Lead UX Designer
Back middle- Tristram Nelson, UX Designer
Back(ish) Right- Keren Nimmo, VP of Product
Front middle- Chris Klein, CEO and Founder