A complex zone?

I’m new to Rachio. So I’m still figuring things out yet. I could use a llittle feedback about an unusual zprinkler zone I have. This zone waters 4 very large, thirsty cedar trees, 15 Arborvitae, and a row of small Boxwood shrubs. These are all watered by a drip line. I’ve got it set to that there are several “loops” of line around the cedars, while having just 2 rows along the arborvitee, and only a few emitters along the boxwoods. So I’m hoping I have it all balanced. But, this zone also provides water to the reservoir for a water feature. (I know, it’s a crazy zone). So here’s my query: I have to refill the water feature every 2-3 days. But during these winter months, I don’t need to water the boxwoods at all. I don’t really need to water the arborvitae either unless we get an unusual dry spell. But I DO need to water the cedars probably weekly this time of year.

I should probably note that I live in Western Oregon, where there is significant rain from October through March.

Anyway…I’d love an opinion as to what kind of schedule I should use for this zone. Right now, I’ve sep up 2 schedules. One that runs predictably, every 3 days for 6 minutes, which is enough to refill my fountain. The other is a flex daily for the “Big Trees”. Is there a better way to manage this Zone?