8 zones

I have set up 8 zones and schedule each one individually but all are running. What am i doing wrong. Help

All eight zones are running at the same time? That should not be possible. Did you switch from an old controller that was working and now it does not? If you have pictures of both, that might be helpful.

If all the zones are watering at the same time then you have a short on your hot (signal) side. The wiring should be that the “common” wire is connected to 1 wire of each valve. The other wire of each valve (signal wire) is connected to its own wire for each and those wires each go to a zone output.

Recheck your colors, if still not clear, post a picture of your controller wiring, and your valve box wiring.

the black is connected to the common slot and the individual zone to the each number from 1 to 8

If you turn on any zone (trying each one), does every one cause every zone to come on? I like debugging things with a multimeter, do you have one? If so, can you turn on a zone and check for voltage of another? If you get voltage, try removing wires to see if it changes?

Regardless of what I do, everything just turns on

Sounds like something shorted out. Have a multimeter? What about disconnecting a wire wire while another zone is running?

I disconnected all the wires except one and still all the others are running. Do i need to do anything with the valves?

So, you have black hooked up to common and one other wire to one of the zones. Do you have a Master Valve / Pump? How is that hooked up? I see maybe two reds going to ‘M’, where it the other going?

Yes and no master valve

the red is not connected to m. It’s only connected to a zone. It’s twisted that’s why you think it’s connected to m, but it’s not

Ooops, sorry. You are right, of course. I took a closer look and see the red is not connected there. I would do some checking in your valve box(es). Of course, the black (common) should be tied together, but nothing else.

How should those be setup. What should i be looking for

Was it working before?

In the valve box, you should see the wires coming in (probably as a bundle in a waterproof sheath). The sheath is probably stripped back to expose the wires. Hopefully they are the same colors. If so, you should see the black tied to all of the valves and then each other colored wire tied individually to a valve. If it is not a wiring issue, it is possible it is a valve issue. I would disconnect one of the colored wires to one of the valve and then turn on a different zone (can do it from the valve itself by turning the solenoid 1/4 turn). Not sure if it is possible, but when one zone is turned on, maybe the drop on pressure causes the others to go on???

I think it’s the solenoid not turning it on. I’ve been seeing them up manually before since the house was still under construction

Yeah, it kind of sounds that way. Maybe take a picture of the inside of the valve box showing wiring, etc.?

This is the one that’s wired and now it’s not running at all. I believe the solenoid is not turning on. May need to buy a new one

It is hard to tell the colors, etc. other than red wires coming off each valve. I would disconnect the wires from one valve completely and turn on another valve. If the valve with no wires connected turns on, then it is something weird about the solenoid -or- some kind of phantom valve that works off of some cosmic rays.