4 Innovative Ways to Decrease Your Painful Water Costs


Rachio users love the fact that they can not only be part of saving our planet by conserving water, but they can also conserve costs too - though, you have to know how to set everything up correctly to get the most out of your watering schedules. Our community has the best suggestions for decreasing those costs just by switching up some of your zone settings, weather settings, and paying extra attention to your system.

Water Less Frequently - adjust your crop coefficient. It will adjust your watering frequency to help you save without sacrificing quality watering.

Water More Efficiently - calculate your precipitation rate. Making sure your precipitation rate is as accurate as possible will keep you from watering inefficiently and in the end, save you money by watering correctly. You can also check your water pressure to make sure an unnecessarily high pressure won’t force higher water use.

Ensure Your Soil Is Getting What It Needs - Using the Web Soil Survey, you can define your soil settings more accurately. Inaccurate soil settings can impact your scheduling and water use dramatically. If your soil holds water well, you’ll want to know that before turning your lawn into a pool. And vice versa. You can also try a catch cup test to nail down those advanced settings a little better.

Skip Watering During Less Than Desirable Weather - The worst thing to see is your sprinkler running during a rainstorm or water spraying everywhere except onto your plants during heavy winds. If you’re using Rachio, integrating with WUnderground means you can ensure your connected weather station is giving you the most accurate forecasts for your home (vs the airport 10 miles away.) P.S. the Rachio 3 automatically integrates with WUnderground!

Water is expensive, as it should be! We should all care about conserving water to the best of our ability so that our earth stays healthy (and our pocketbooks do too!) These tips will not only save you money, but water more efficiently. Do your part to save the planet!



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