3rd Party Rain Gauge Battery level

Be cool to be able to pick up the battery level of the wireless gauge thru the receiver I have wired into the Rachio 3.

In this case Rain Bird wr2rfc. (A battery eater)

Please and thank you. Lol😎

Does the rain gauge interact with your Rachio to provide accurate rainfall totals? I’m curious how this works

Wired or wireless rain sensors only provide a binary on/off capability to either stop the controller from watering or allow it to water.


Thanks, I interpreted the product as an actual gauge that measures rainfall totals, and not just a sensor, so that makes sense now.

Yeah I should have said sensor rather than gauge. My bad on that.

Still seems like Rachio could pick up the battery signal from the sending unit since the receiver unit records it and displays it and it is hard wired to the Rachio 3.

Just sayin…