2nd Rachio Gen 2 won't power on :(

Howdy all,

I plugged my (2nd, RMA’d the first unit) Rachio Gen 2 into an outlet and it flickered for a few moments with the power LED but now it won’t power on at all(First one flashed for a second and again didn’t turn on) I’m purchasing a multimeter to test the outlet further but I’ve hooked other devices up to it with no issue.

Am I crazy? Is it possible to get two DOA units or maybe the power brick doesn’t like my outlet for some reason? Plug it into a different outlet and I get nothing. Wish I would’ve tested it on a different outlet first as a test :confused:

@Sonder - did you use the same power adapter (brick) with both units? Or did the second unit come with a new power adapter. I’d test the output of the power adapter in addition to the wall circuit.

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I used the power adapter that came with each unit individually. Should have tested it on different outlet first. Facepalm is it possible the units fine but the power adapter is just toast?

If you have a rain sensor hooked up, you may want to try to disconnect it and see if it helps. When I first got my Gen 2, I had it working inside, hooked it up outside, plugged it in, and it was completely dead. It turned out that I had wired my rain sensor incorrectly and it was causing the Rachio to appear to be dead. You may want to take a picture of your wiring and post it here - that’s what helped for me.